Seit 2012 haben wir uns auf die Entwicklung, Produktion und den Vertrieb von Frescobolschlägern (frescobol rackets) spezialisiert und sind so zu einem international anerkannten Markenhersteller geworden.


Neben einen sehr grossen Auswahl klassischer Holzschläger für Anfänger/Einsteiger bieten wir mit den Holz/Bambus, Holz/Karbon und den weltweit einzigartigen SPS (stability and power system) Modellen und der Serie"art collection" eine Riesenauswahl an Frescobolschlägern für Semipros und Pros.


-Alle hergestellt im "Sandwichverfahren"

Das Maß aller Dinge auch aller Tophersteller in



-Made in Germany

-alle Zulieferbetriebe aus Deutschland

-durchgehendes Profil bis zum Ende des Schlägerkopfes von ca. 19,2-21 mm, dadurch viel mehr Steifigkeit/Stabilität als dünnprofilige Frescobol Schläger

(Ausnahme:"Shivania" Holzmodelle, 2012/2013)

-alle mögliche Gewichtsklassen, von superleicht(310 gr.) bis schwer (bis zu 450 gr.)

-geölt oder geharzt, wetterfest

-wir verwenden nur Topmaterialien, die auch im Yacht/Bootsbau, Longboards,...verbaut werden

-Serienmodelle mit Logo"Markus Wolf", Unikate und  Art Collection mit "Shivania"

-seit 2013 werden alle Frescobolschläger auf Basis einer in Holland entwickelten Software in der Produktion gesteuert.


Wir stehen in engem Kontakt mit der weltweiten Frescobolszene, Freestyle und Pro Tour.


Zusammen mit "Frescobol London" entwickelten wir ein mobiles Fangnetzsystem, welches nun in vielen Ländern im Einsatz ist, bei unseren lokalen Events/Trainings können wir bis zu 5 Courts aufbauen.


Neben ausgedehnten Frescobolfernreisen, auch nach Brasilien , nützen wir jede Chance, Events und Turniere zu besuchen, Freestyle und Pro Tour.


Seit Gründung im Jahre 2012 unterstützen wir auch immer wieder soziale Projekte. In 2016 starteten wir z.B. den Verkauf von einer limitierten Auswahl an orginal Frescobol Merchandising Artikeln, aus Vitoria /Brasilien.

So helfen wir Guilherme de Souza ,weltbester Spieler in einem Rollstuhl, und seiner Familie.







There is so many good players and top locations for frescobol worldwide, that you might think it is easy to get a game.

Yes its easy, if you have the right contacts, and detailed information about the hot spots worldwide.

Thats why we founded the "PLAYERS POOL" in 2017, to promote all hotspots worldwide, and to help all players to find a partner for a training session.

Most of the locations we visited personally, here are the guide lines for everybody who wants to join.

- you can either join this pool as a group or an individual, looking for sparing/                   trainingspartner

- just give us some infos about you, to put in the players pool

- we classify all spots in 3 categories: BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, PRO

- most of the beaches in Brasil will be classified pro, as there comes at all times pro players performing, if there is a number of players with tournament experience,

will allways be PRO

- if national (Brasil) or international tournaments take place there its also a


- you will get the information, at what time you can expect players there,

and if there are any restrictions

Also wether catching nets are used, and if there is any racket sale or hire

For each location there should be a main contact person, feel free to give a try

- find your trainings partners here and give us a feedback of your experience, we met amazing people all around the globe.........


MARKUs AND ANIA, Frescobol Cologne




Frescobol Cologne is a group of aproximately 15 players, beginners and advanced.

We play mostly freestyle in the parques around Cologne. Contact us via facebook or via cellphone +4917684746077.

We also produce rackets, you are wellcome to test them.

Trainings evening time or weekends.

Up to 5 courts with nets available

Set up, Cologne style, 1 court

United Kingdom


London, UK

This is the only really active group in London , UK

Regular trainings at WimbledonPark beach courts and at Clapham Common Park, mostly on the weekends.They use catching nets whereever its possible.

Beginners and advanced level..

For further information contact Steve Green 00447972677927 or mail to

Steve, left side, in Cologne



Barcelona, Spain--Hot spot with pro tournaments

Frescobol in Barcelona

Check out Playa Bogatell, Barcelona or Playa San Sebastian in Sitges.You will see action there nearly every day, all levels up to pro.

Sometimes the use catching nets, some times just frescobol freestyle.

Very relaxed athmosphere, just call Jose

0034 670211551, he knows everybody there, and is a well respected figure even on the worldwide pro tour. They might be able to help you with rackets, if needed

Jose , your contact for frescobol in Barcelona



Praia do Diabo, Rio de Janeiro-straight freeestyle beach

Praia do Diabo Frescobol Freestyle is a beach which is located in between Copacabana and Ipanema beach.Its well known to be one of worlwide best options for frescobol freestyle, throughout the hole day.

You find a big number of very open players, up to top pro level.

You can have your training session next to the water, other activities like beach tennis, futevole and snorkeling make this beach so special.With a little bit of luck you might see even the world champions there, as all of them will visit that beach when they come to Rio ( if not from Rio)

For thursty players... its a beer friedly location... Tenente will organize you a cold one.

This location is currently the one with the highest number of "Markus Wolf" and "Shivania" rackets from Cologne.

This place is a must, all frescobol players, even the pros from outside Brasil know this beach and love it.

Just ask fror Leo Fred Tavares or Patrizia Baldoni, they get you connected

Patrizia and Leo, praia do Diabo, R.J.